Sales & Lettings Estate Agent Software.

Try a new estate agent software, Juvo is simple and easy to use packed full of all the sales and lettings features you will need in a modern easy to use system.

Sometimes less is more...

Tired of bloated over complicated software? We have spent a lot of time removing unused features that get in the way of you doing your job and what is left is a streamlined software package that will help not hinder your workday.

Delightfully cloud based

Juvo is fully cloud based with all the perks that come with it, upload super large 50mb files into your document storage, and enjoy unlimited file storage, think of Juvo as your integrated Dropbox.

Work anywhere on any device

Our software works on all tablets and mobile devices enabling you to work anywhere with full functionality, upload a property or contact while out of the office.

Your one stop property and contact database.

Add your properties once to Juvo and we will send those details everywhere else and keep your contacts in Juvo with easy access anywhere on any device.

  1. Create your free Juvo trial

    Easily create your Juvo account using the Try Juvo button, it only takes a moment and you will have instant access.

  2. Add your Properties and Contact

    Add your properties and contacts, you can even import your contacts using our simple Spreadsheet import function, just add your contacts into a spreadsheet and bulk import them.

  3. Activate your property portals

    Simply click to activate your portals using our Plugins section, you can simply click to activate your Rightmove, Zoopla or OnTheMarket portals.

Let's get you started

Start your 14 day free trial now

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